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Edge Profiles

Basic Edges

The standard worktop edge is the straight edge.

It is a squared edge, with only a slight bevel, called a chamfer; this is to take the sharpness from the edge.

A well-liked alteration to this is the quarter round, where the top edge is rounded off, or the double quarter round, where both the top and bottom edges are rounded.

Bull nose is a variant where the top edge is rounded more radically, and a full bull nose makes the edge of the worktop to a perfect half-circle.

Bevelled edges are also admired, and the bevel can be carved on either the top or bottom edges…or both.

Fancy Edges

Fancier Edges are slightly more expensive.

Possibly the most well liked is the ogee. Inspired by medieval European architecture, the ogee edge is made up of two elegant, sweeping arches, one concave, and the other convex.

It adds a very stylish look to countertops.

Other well-liked edges include DuPont a straight edge dropping down to a curve;

cove - a concave bevel on the top edge;

stair tread - a curved undercut lip;

and waterfall - three flowing convex arches.
Some thoughts on edge profiles

The well-liked edges are, for the most part, sensible for any use in the kitchen or bathroom. So the primary factor to think about when you make your edge profile select is aesthetic. Which do you like the best? Which will be a tribute to your space?

If your kitchen is modern or business, an ogee edge will look out of place with its traditional curves, and you would be serviced better by a half bull nose or a bevel.

A country-style kitchen would be improved by waterfall edges. And the stair tread or ogee edges would fit well in a modern, stylish space. Do keep in mind, though, that any fold in the edge profile may be a potential trap for food and dust, and the more within the edge profile, the more cleaning the worktop will need.

Eventually, you should select the edge profile that you like the best. Remember that once you buy a natural stone worktop, it will last the rest of your life and almost certainly your children and grandchildren’s lives so choose the edge that you love, even if it costs a little more.

You will be glad you did so.