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Granite Worktops

For natural granite worktops in Telford and throughout the surrounding area, contact our team today. We are highly experienced and only work with premium materials to produce beautiful results every time. So, if you’re looking for a timeless solution for your new kitchen, contact our team today.

Hand-crafted Granite Kitchen Counters

Granite is an igneous rock that is unmistakeable thanks to its coarse grain of crystals. It has been used for both construction and stonemasonry for thousands of years. These days, granite remains an extremely popular building material, especially for kitchen counters and other surfaces that need to be durable but also aesthetically pleasing.

As a 100% natural stone, granite requires a specialist skillset to avoid cracks and other issues. However, our stonemasons are highly experienced and fully equipped to deal with the unique challenges of working with granite, producing striking results every time.

Advantages of Granite

Choosing granite for your worktop comes with a range of practical advantages, including:

Unique appearance

As a naturally occurring product, granite is extremely varied and no two slabs are ever the same. That means your worktop will be 100% unique to your home, with its very own constellation of crystals, veins and other stunning features.


Granite is a completely natural material that can be cut and polished as it is, without the need for artificial pigments or resins such as those used in the production of quartz worktops.

Heat resistance

Although granite is highly resistant to heat, it is still advised to avoid placing extremely hot pans on your worktop if possible.

Added property value

It goes without saying that a bespoke granite worktop will increase the resale value of your property should you choose to sell. As a result, it is a valuable long-term investment.

How to Care for Your Granite Worktop

To get the best results out of your granite for as long as possible, make sure you look after it properly. Here are a few helpful tips:

For detailed aftercare advice from trained professionals, speak to a member of our team.

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To find out more about our natural granite worktops, contact our team today.

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