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Meet the Team

As a family-run business, we pride ourselves on having a friendly, close-knit team. We work closely as a unit, aiming to provide each and every customer with a seamless journey from their first visit to our showroom to their finished product. Read on to find out more about our amazing team.


Directing Managers


Danielle Wheatley (AKA Dani)

After taking a voluntary redundancy from HP (not the sauce), Dani started ADL Granite & Marble with her partner Anthony Lawrence back in 2015. With Dani’s extensive knowledge of business and accounting and Anthony’s practical experience with granite, marble and quartz, they worked together to ensure that the business ran smoothly from day one. Being a mum and running a business is never easy, but Dani manages it well. With her staff behind her, she manages all the ADL accounts, but still finds time to have fun with her daughter Evie.


Anthony Lawrence (AKA Trigger)

Anthony worked for another company as a stonemason before ADL was born. With over 15 years’ experience of new and old manufacturing techniques, Anthony is the core of our team. For the first two years, Anthony worked alone to template, manufacture and install all our products. Nowadays, he keeps the whole team in check, ensuring they have the best equipment and training to deliver a five-star finish every time. Anthony’s main role is visiting each customer at home to complete a full template of their kitchen or bathroom.


Evie Lawrence

Daughter of Dani and Anthony, Evie has grown up around the business while Mum and Dad worked hard to get ADL to where it is today. From a young age, Evie has followed in her parents’ footsteps, keeping the team in check and casually reminding them, “One day, I will be your boss!”

Front of House / Showroom

Erin Hotchkiss

Erin Hotchkiss

Young and energetic Erin is responsible for running our showroom. Helping our customers by showing them the large variety of Quartz and Granite’s available as well as offering sound advice when it comes to everything needed for us to install stone where you require.
Erin adores horses and helps to look after 3 at a local stable. Also very much into her music of multiple genres she also likes to let her hair down and turns into a dancing diva over the weekends.
Erin hopes to one day run her own business and is looking to learn as much as she can from Anthony and Dani so that she can be as successful as ADL.

Manufacturing Team

Phil Purvis

Phil Purvis

Having worked as a swimming coach for thirteen years, Phil decided he needed a change of pace and, being a long-time friend of Dani and Anthony, he fitted right in at ADL.
Phil helps out with manufacturing but most importantly is responsible for all the maintenance of our machines and polishers. If something stops working or isn’t working as it should then it’s a job for……. “The Maintenance Man”.

Brandon Platt

Brandon Platt - ( AKA Donkey)

Young and aspiring Brandon looking to hone his skills into stonemasonry.
Picking up the basics of what we do relatively quickly and enough experienced people around him to give him the knowledge and know how to achieve that 5 Star ADL finish.
We are always calling out for Brandon to offer some help and as we hear his name called out a lot all we could all think of was Shrek shouting Donkey! So before you knew it the name stuck and we don’t think it will ever budge.
Brandon loves to play a variety of sports, from the beautiful game we all know as football, ( although he supports Bournemouth) to darts, cricket and even dabbles in some golf. With such hunger in competitive sports we hope to see some promising results from Brandon but not so much from his football team.

Lee Rawlings

Lee Rawlings

Lee was the first employee taken on by Dani and Anthony to help them grow ADL. Anthony worked closely with Lee for another company in the past, and already knew he had vast knowledge and extensive skills. Lead sawman at ADL, Lee oversees which customer order is cut and operates the bridge saw to cut the stone slabs down to size, ready for the rest of the manufacturing team to shape up and polish. Being a big football fan, he is always cheering loudly and making others laugh. It’s never a dull day with Lee around.

Fitting Team

Jamie Shaw

Jamie Shaw ( AKA Google Maps)

This is a face you will see often as Jamie is our lead Fitter.
Jamie has had very extensive training at ADL and has now become a very talented and essential employee with us.
He is responsible for delivering and fitting your worktops in your home, whether that be kitchen, bathroom or wherever else you have decided to have some of our amazing stone.
With amazing problem solving skills and the ability to remember every where he is ever driven after only driving there once, there isn’t a lot this man cannot overcome, as long as he has his can of monster at the ready you’ll have your new worktops in no time!

Amadeusz Pilipceuk

Amadeusz Pilipczuk

Amadeusz is also from Poland and is great friends with Damian, Anthony and Lee. Amadeusz has learned everything he knows about stone from Damian and Lee. Amadeusz always has lot’s of energy and has that straight minded focus to get the work done but also to get it done right. His favourite saying when it comes to manufacturing stone is always “Has to be Perfect” and we couldn’t agree more.

Damian Pomietlo

Damian Pomietlo (AKA Damo)

Damian used to work with stone back home in Poland. He has shared images with us of how they used to operate, how they used large cranes to hoist large granite boulders onto machines that would slice the granite into the slabs you would see in a showroom. Damian has over 16 years’ experience in this industry and has been a valuable asset to ADL with his skills, talent and knowledge. Damian is passionate about trance music and is working towards becoming a famous DJ. One of his tracks was recently released by the third largest trance label in the world!

Marketing & IT Support

Adam Stevens

Adam Stevens

A long-time friend of Anthony’s with extensive knowledge of natural stones as well as experience in the tile industry, Adam joined ADL in November 2021. Since joining the team, Adam has dabbled in every aspect of the business, from helping with fitting, manufacturing and customer service to now taking care of IT support and online marketing. Adam has also helped ADL expand its services to supply tiles and is now sharing his knowledge with other members of the team to improve the overall service we offer to our customers.

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