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Quartz Worktops

Quartz is a stylish and incredibly versatile building material, ideal for kitchen worktops and a range of other applications. We work with high-quality materials to produce bespoke quartz products that are both physically durable and low maintenance. Get in touch to arrange a consultation with our team.

Bespoke Quartz Countertops

We specialise in hand-crafted quartz countertops, using the finest materials from industry-leading suppliers.


Fugen supplies us with a range of high-quality, affordable quartz slabs that are ideal for kitchen work surfaces and more. 


BQS stands for Beltrami Quartz Surfaces, and is a leading manufacturer of engineered quartz slabs, ideal for domestic and commercial projects. 


Unistone is a durable and aesthetically pleasing quartz composite produced by Brachot, produced using tried and tested technology.

Quantum Stone

Quantum Stone is a reputable UK-based company that stocks premium quartz slabs. They are renowned for their reliable, visually stunning products.


Artemistone is a cost-effective, highly durable quartz product available in a wide range of striking designs. Ask to view our full range of styles.

Quartz Worktops vs Granite Worktops

Many people don’t realise that quartz and granite are two fundamentally different materials. Whereas granite is a natural stone that is quarried and then processed into slabs and other products, quartz is an engineered stone produced using crushed natural quartz and other materials.

What difference does it make? Many people will choose granite over quartz because they like the idea of using 100% natural materials. Plus, every slab of granite is completely different, whereas quartz is manufactured and therefore more uniform.

However, quartz is much easier to work with and can be adapted to suit a range of designs. What’s more, it’s designed to be stain, crack and bacteria resistant, making it a much lower maintenance option. Granite, on the other hand, is inherently porous and must be sealed before use.

Custom Quartz Products

We don’t just use quartz to produce kitchen worktops. As expert stonemasons, we can cut quartz for a wide range of other applications. Popular options include quartz hearths, vanities and even staircases. All our quartz products are available on a supply and fit basis. So, whether you’re finishing off a new build or renovating your home, you can expect a comprehensive service with expert advice and support from start to finish. For more information or to discuss your needs with an experienced mason, get in touch today.

How to Care for Your Quartz Worktop

We use quartz as an alternative to natural stones for our work surfaces. It’s lower maintenance and practical. Much like Granite, all that’s needed to clean it is a damp micro-fibre cloth, and we suggest rubbing the surface afterwards with a dry micro-fibre cloth to prevent any water streak marks. For a deeper clean we advise that you use Lithofin Power Clean or Lithofin Easy Clean. When it comes to cleaning, like with everything, try to mop up spills as quickly as possible while the area is still wet to avoid stain setting onto the surface; just use a micro-fibre cloth. For stubborn marks, avoid using scouring pads as this can scratch the polished surface; instead use our Ultra cleaner on a micro-fibre cloth and that should remove and surface stain.

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